Internationale Tagung: „Changing the Energy System to Renewable Energy Self-Sufficiency (RESS) - An inter-and transdisciplinary approach“ 14.-16. September 2011 in Freiburg

The keynote speakers gave important stimuli for the discussion –please click here for download the lectures:

International scientist and experts of different specializations presented their papers in five different sessions. They discussed a wide range of topics related to all kinds of aspect concerning transforming an energy system to a sustainable one throughout interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, but also on the valuable contribution of practitioners in the research process. A large variety of concepts, approaches and solutions to the challenge of the transformation of the energy system were discussed. The sessions focused on the role of actors, the economic impact of renewable energies, renewable energy self-sufficiency and integrated sustainable land use systems, the role of citizens and energy conservation and innovative technological approaches toward RESS.

Please find an overview of the presented papers and posters in our Book of Abstract.

Summary of the five sessions and the Integrating Session II: